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B i o g r a p h y

The Animae Gospel Choir is a vocal ensemble based in Malta that is made up of some of the finest talent on the islands. Its productions range from low-key ‘experiences’ to full-blown concerts at Malta’s most exclusive venues.


Founded in 2008, the Animae Gospel Choir is the brainchild of popular Maltese singer Glen Vella, who, after experiencing the sound of the Soweto Gospel Choir in the Netherlands, joined forces with Pamela Bezzina (choir director and arranger) and Leontine Spiteri to create Malta’s first and only authentic choir of its kind.



Since then, the Choir has grown into a 19 gospel singer-troupe and, along with keyboardist Christian Borg, it now performs at various theatres and locations for a variety of occasions.


Some of its most noteworthy performances include an a cappella rendition of the Maltese National Anthem during the 40th anniversary celebrations of the Republic, a performance at St John’s Co-Cathedral in Valletta at Christmas time in 2014, taking part in a Wintermoods concert in front of a 10,000-strong audience, and being part of the cast of Gensna, a local musical that recently experienced a well-received revival. Moreover, the ensemble has performed in Assisi, Italy and at the iconic Westminster Cathedral in England.


Over the past nine years, Animae has also organised three national-scale concerts that saw the troupe perform with a number of special guests, including Chiara Siracusa (of Eurovision fame) and Ivan Grech (of Wintermoods fame), as well as an eight-piece band that was directed by Kris Spiteri. These 'Animae Gospel Choir in Concert' instalments were organised at the beautiful 280-year-old Manoel Theatre, and the unique Republic Hall, MCC, both in Valletta. In all, over 8,000 people attended these concerts.


The name ‘Animae’ is derived from the Latin word for ‘soul’, anima, and the Animae Gospel Choir prides itself on being a spiritual ensemble that promotes positivity and unity. In 2014, the Choir introduced a revolutionary new way of interacting with the general public, called the ‘Animae Experience’. Taking place every two-to-three months, the ensemble meets at Dar San Guzepp in Santa Venera, and creates a platform that allows non-members to interact with the Choir through song and worship.



AGC Mission Statement

“To be a source of fulfilment to both the choir members and different audiences while sharing positive messages through performances of the highest standards”


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